Nissan launches all-wheel-drive electrified technology

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Nissan has launched its all-wheel-drive e-4orce technology, which has been designed for electric and electrified vehicles to offer confident and reassuring performance in all conditions.

The e-4orce system uses the battery to power a twin motor system evenly distributed on each axle for independent wheel control. With the e-4orce system on, drivers can follow the intended cornering line with minimal steering correction, enabling them to feel the EV power and handling. Nissan also asserts that the e-4orce technology provides continuous balanced chassis control, line tracing and steering precision, to anticipate the driver’s behavior and compensate for common responses such as understeering, keeping the cabin level for a more pleasant in-car experience. With e-4orce, the torque is distributed to the front and rear to maximize tire grip according to road surface conditions and the vehicle’s situation, while the braking is individually controlled for each of the four wheels.

With the control of the twin motor system and the brake torque-vectoring capabilities, the vehicle maintains the right course whether the road is wet, oily, slippery with wet leaves or covered in snow. The key to the vehicle’s on-road poise is the balanced distribution of power from the twin motor system, which can be adjusted in 1/10,000th  of a second, considerably faster than traditional mechanical all-wheel-drive systems.

The e-4orce technology has been designed to offer a more comfortable drive with minimal body longitudinal ‘dive’ under deceleration through regenerative braking. Pitch is suppressed by controlling the regenerative balance between the front and rear axles. Additionally, the twin motor system means an improved level of regenerative energy capture than a single motor system, optimizing the vehicle’s efficiency at every opportunity.

The ‘e’ in e-4orce stands for Nissan’s 100% electric motor drive system. ‘4orce’ refers to the vehicle’s physical power and energy, with ‘4’ representing all-wheel control. The e-4orce all-wheel-drive system was conceived for use on either Nissan’s pure-electric powertrains or with its pioneering e-Power system. In both cases, the driven wheels are powered by electric motors fed by the battery. In the case of the X-Trail, the dual e-motor system has a total output of 157kW (213PS) with a 150kW (204PS) front motor and a rear 100kW (136PS) motor. This generates acceleration from 0-100km/h in seven seconds. It has a 10,000 times faster rear torque response than a mechanical 4WD system. The Ariya e-4orce has a total system output of 225kW (306PS). This generates acceleration from 0-100km/h in 5.7 seconds. According to Nissan, both vehicles enjoy confident and agile handling in all conditions, enabling a powerful yet smooth driving experience.

Cliodhna Lyons, vice president of product planning at Nissan Africa, Middle East, India, Europe and Oceania, said, “e-4orce is the latest of many forward-thinking technologies developed by Nissan over the years. We can’t wait for our customers to experience this innovative system on models like the Ariya e-4orce and the new Nissan X-Trail. We’re sure our customers will enjoy a noticeable difference in their driving experience.”

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