Amada Weld Tech develops new wire compacting unit

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Amada Weld Tech has introduced a new wire compacting unit for modular resistance welding, a critical technology for battery power cabling in automotive applications.

Available as a plug-and-play system, the unit is best suited for stranded wires and can provide a quick and precise, reproducible adjustment after electrode exchange.

Replacing the previously used open C-frame box type unit, the redesign now features a closed box to provide a high level of rigidity to ensure no flexing occurs if lateral forces are applied to the unit. Ball bushes are present to ensure a precise guidance of the ceramic slide, along with a new cross roller guide to facilitate electrode position adjustment.

With an accurate, fast and reproducible adjustment of the ceramic and electrode position, the ceramic and electrode position can be locked without affecting adjustment, by way of a micrometer screw, and because of this, adjustments take five minutes instead of a previous 30 minutes.

The redesigned unit can be utilized for several process variants including single compacting, double compacting, single compacting welding and double compacting welding. It can also accommodate a number of unit options such as single closing right or left and double closing. Furthermore, many special wire industry requirements including inline feeding, top loading and front-loading are all possible.

The New Horizon modular resistance welders have been designed by Amada Weld Tech to ensure consistent and accurate compacting, enabling a high level of part quality with minimal variation.

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