UK motor manufacturer enters mining market

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UK-based electric motor specialist Equipmake has recently launched a range of electric motors for mining equipment and vehicles, which it claims bring major benefits in terms of power density, low running costs and reduced emissions.

Based in Norfolk, Equipmake primarily provides EV technology including electric motors, power electronic systems and complete EV drivetrains to automotive OEMs and specialist supercar manufacturers. The company notes that, although the mining industry has traditionally been reliant on diesel power, the switch to electric is gathering pace, as mining companies realize the benefits of reduced emissions, as well as lower vehicle and machinery operating costs.

The company believes its APM motors to be the most power dense in global series production, and use technology born out of managing director Ian Foley’s career in top-level motorsport. They are permanent magnet motors that use a spoke architecture (so called because the magnets are arranged like the spokes of a wheel) to improve cooling efficiency. This in turn improves power density, and the construction method is also ideally suited to series production, helping to reduce costs.

Foley noted, “We are experiencing huge demand from the mining industry as manufacturers see the benefits that electrified vehicles can bring, from reduced emissions and noise to increased efficiency and lower running costs. Our electric motors are extremely compact and lightweight yet powerful, which can play a huge role in improving the payload of a vehicle too. Factor in the lack of maintenance required compared with traditional diesel machinery, and it is not hard to see why electrification makes so much sense. What’s more, Equipmake can work with almost any mining machinery manufacturer to create an entire, tailor-made electric powertrain.”

The company is offering two motors for mining applications. The APM 120 has peak power of 125kW at 12,000rpm, continuous power of 75kW and peak torque of 130Nm. Weighing 14kg, it has a power density of just under 9kW/kg. With an integrated gearbox, it measures 200mm in length and 170mm in diameter. The APM 200 has peak power of 220kW at 10,000rpm, continuous power of 110kW and peak torque of 450Nm. Weighing 40kg, it has a power density of over 5kW/kg. With an integrated gearbox, it measures just 247mm in length and 318mm in diameter. Both motors can be specified with or without an integrated gearbox and can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

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