Chevrolet unveils 2022 Bolt EUV and redesigned Bolt EV

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US auto maker Chevrolet has released details of its latest electric vehicle, the 2022 Bolt EUV, released alongside a redesigned 2022 Bolt EV.

Propulsion for both the Bolt EUV and EV is provided by a single-motor drive unit, delivering a peak output of 150kW (200ps) and 360Nm of torque, coupled with a 65kWh lithium-ion battery pack, giving the Bolt EV an estimated 416km (259 miles) range on a full charge and the larger Bolt EUV 402km (250 miles). Chevrolet notes that the battery features an active thermal management system that utilizes coolant to keep the battery at an optimal operating temperature.

Charging for both variants of the Bolt is provided by a ‘Dual Level Charge Cord’, featuring a changeable plug enabling customers to plug into both a 120V plug for slow charging and also a level two 240V outlet for 7.2kW charging. Both vehicles are capable of 11kW charging.

A fast-charging capability also features, enabling the Bolt EV and Bolt EUV to add ranges of 160km (100 miles) and 152km (95 miles) respectively in around 30 minutes. Chevrolet will cover the cost of installing level two charging capability for eligible customers that buy or lease a 2022 Bolt EUV or Bolt EV.

Steve Hill, vice president of Chevrolet, commented, “The new Bolt EUV is the best of the Bolt EV packaged in an SUV-like vehicle with more technology and features, giving customers more choices and reasons to switch to electric. This is an opportunity for Chevy to capitalize on the success we’ve built with the Bolt EV and bring new customers into the Chevy family.”

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