Eaton to supply DC-DC converters for new heavy-duty battery-electric truck

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Eaton’s e-mobility business is to supply a 24-12V DC-DC converter to power accessories like anti-lock brakes and lighting in a commercial heavy-duty battery-electric vehicle (BEV).

The specialty converter, known as a battery equalizer, works in tandem with another converter that draws power from the BEV’s 600V system and then steps it down to 24V. The e-mobility unit will then take the power down to 12V for use in lower-voltage systems within the vehicle and to power a backup 12V battery in the event of the main power supply failing.

With the equalizer function, the 12V battery and a split 24V battery system ensure that safety equipment can operate on the 12V power supply in the event of a power failure and, claims Eaton, make the converter a unique product compared with others in the same sector. Noise reduction and interference rejection also feature on the Eaton DC-DC converter so there is no interference between the unit and the vehicle’s electronics.

“The converter is rugged and robust, providing a seal against environmental factors such as salt spray and water, and has high vibration resiliency,” commented Pratik Trivedi, general manager of Eaton’s e-mobility business. “It is an ideal solution for manufacturers that require a dependable method to power traditional vehicle components in high-power battery-electric vehicles.”

The BEV will be sold in the Chinese and North American markets in the latter part of 2021.

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