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Re-Imagining Electric Motors

EVR Motors has developed a unique, patented motor topology: The Trapezoidal Stator Radial Flux Permanent Magnet (TS-RFPM) Motor. Enabling smaller, lighter, lower-cost motors, tailored to user requirements.
LESS THAN HALF THE SIZE and WEIGHT, Significant cost reduction versus state-of-the-art RFPM motors.

Our unique Trapezoid Stator RFPM topology provides :

• Superior power and torque density
• Reduced manufacturing costs (BOM + assembly)
• Motors can be tailored to user requirements – Performance, size, cost, etc.
• Multiple variants possible with high commonality

Motors can be tailored for a wide variety of requirements and enable multiple variations based on the same design and tooling: Different sizes and power, internal or external rotor, voltage ranging from 48V to 800V, air or liquid cooling, etc.
Our main business model is to partner with motor manufacturers -Tier1s and OEMs, who will manufacture and market motors developed by EVR according to OEM/Tier1 requirements.
For those customers not interested in manufacturing motors, EVR can supply class leading motors meeting their specific requirements.