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San Jose,
CA 95130
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Staying ahead in times of transition requires courage and common sense.
We’re offering both. How about you?
ECONAMIQ is a company of levelheaded forward thinkers,
introducing reliable breakthroughs to the transport and energy sector.
We love conventional technologies and unconventional solutions.
We set off to inject new energy into the combustion engine.
Resulting today in the introduction of an industry friendly revolution,
allowing for 20 percent greater fuel efficiency.

Our technology does not require changes to engine architecture.
Within two years, your engines are renewed. Without concessions to drivability.
With the fun and the power, we love. And the efficiency we need.

Our technology serves motorists, the environment and the engine itself.
It enables you to adapt to changing needs and accelerate into the future.
Join us and stay ahead. All that we ask is courage and common sense.

Let’s accelerate!