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The ETO GRUPPE develops and produces electromagnetic valves, actuators and sensors for customers all over the world. These components are the most essential part of many vehicles and systems where high-dynamic processes take place and high standards are required in the areas of security, efficiency and environmental sustainability. For example, our actuators control and regulate systems such as variable stroke or valve timing of the inlet and exhaust valves in engines. Our products also play an important role in the thermal management of vehicles. Used to regulate water and oil pumps, ETO proportional valve solenoids or switching solenoids here ensure a precise and regulated temperature cycle.

Our products are an integral component of many vehicle systems: 

– Thermal Management
– Suspension Systems
– Drivetrain Systems
– Camera and Sensor Cleaning
– Variable Valve Timing and Lifting
– Fuel / Emissions Systems

The global ETO GRUPPE facilities are strategically located to offer research, development, and manufacturing in the same region as our customers.

With approximately 2400 employees, the staff at our various ETO locations works together as a global team to ensure the highest level of innovation and quality.