CTI Symposium Germany

CTI Symposium Germany
CTI – Car Training Institute
A division of Euroforum Deutschland GmbH
Toulouser Allee 27, 40211 Düsseldorf/Germany,
+49 211 88743-3333


Why Should You Attend The CTI SYMPOSIUM

CTI SYMPOSIUM is the place to be for companies, engineers and innovators looking to be in the pole position of international drivetrain development. The CTI SYMPOSIUM provides expert-led plenary and technology sessions as well as expert discus-sions and product showcases representing the full range from complete drivetrain systems to compo-nents and engineering services. It is our priority to deliver a market leading high quality event, be it in presence or digital. The current status of COVID-19 protocols and travel regulations (August 2021) led to the decision to welcome delegates and partners in Berlin again.*

Fuel Your Knowledge

The extensive lecture program is designed to meet the needs of the drivetrain community. Plenary speeches, expert discussions and the presentations of the in total twelve technical sessions were selected by our advisory board which is a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable engineering experts, scientists and executives from top-industry companies. The sessions are especially focusing on hybrid and electric drives, market trends, legislation and mobility services, energy carrier and infrastructure. Each session provides highly relevant information and interest-based linking with participants you can benefit from right away.
  • Extensive OEM reports
  • Delegates from 28 countries
  • Most international* industry meeting in Europe
    (* over 33% participants from non-German speaking countries)

  • CTI Symposium Germany
  • CTI Symposium Germany
  • CTI Symposium Germany