Wilhelm Bahmüller Maschinenbau Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH
Wilhelm Bahmüller-Str. 34, 73655 Plüderhausen, Germany
+49 7181 809-0

BAHMÜLLER is ranking – within its three highly specialized business segments – among the market and technology leaders worldwide. With the business unit precision grinding for the automotive industry, the fully automatic production systems for the corrugated board converting industry and the tool holders for automatic machining centers, BAHMÜLLER is claiming a solid and successful international market position.

From Work Piece to Masterpiece:
Grinding with Submicron-Precision

BAHMÜLLER‘s precision grinding division is developing retrofit-friendly, integrated precision grinding machines with highly dynamic automation options as turnkey solutions for high-volume serial manufacturing of small, high-precision components. We serve our customers with shortest cycle times, superior machine availability and maximized process combination by implementation of multi-station solutions.

Your claim is our motivation. In order to achieve the best possible process designs for our customers, we closely cooperate with leading supplier in quality-defining technology fields.

We see ourselves not just as a machine supplier, but as a system and technology partner in your value-added chain.

In the automotive industry, BAHMÜLLER‘s sub-micron precision grinding machines support all the requirements of future vehicle generations.

One goal unifies all solutions: lowest possible unit costs in your series production.

BAHMUELLER is developing, producing and selling corrugated board converting systems worldwide. The production program offers specialty folder gluers, sealing machines and automation solutions for the production of corrugated packaging.

BAHMUELLER is developing, manufacturing and selling precision tools and expansion tool holding systems for work center solutions in close cooperation with customers.

With more than 380 employees, BAHMUELLER has a worldwide annual turn-over of approximately 80-90 million Euro. With subsidiaries, specialized sales and cooperation partners in more than 14 countries, we have achieved a long-established and solid international market penetration. In recent years, BAHMÜLLER regularly was the recipient of international innovation awards for process and product developments.