Stanadyne opens Gasoline Products Center of Excellence

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Global fuel and air management systems supply business Stanadyne has expanded its Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) advanced engineering and product testing capabilities with the opening of a Gasoline Products Center of Excellence in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

“The consolidation of our equipment and expertise in Jacksonville further strengthens our position to take on the challenges of developing next-generation gasoline fuel systems,” commented Brad Stroia, chief technology officer, Stanadyne.

“GDI technology is pursuing higher and higher fuel delivery pressures. We are working on 500- to 1000-bar systems that will provide the efficiency and emission performance future vehicle programs need to meet aggressively tightening regulations.”

Covering around 35,000ft2 , and located within Stanadyne’s Jacksonville existing facility, the center will be utilized solely for GDI advanced engineering and product testing services. A total of 40 durability testing stations will enable Stanadyne to carry out structural and environmental analysis, while the company also plans to increase injection testing resources over the next year.

The center currently employs 20 engineers, but it is expected that this number will rise to 35, enabling it to carry out a wide array of tasks including:

  • Metallurgical, materials, and chemical analysis.
  • Gasoline component development and systems testing.
  • Computer-aided engineering.
  • Port fuel and direct injection spray and fuel rail development.
  • Injector and pump flow development and leak testing.
  • Injector Sauter Mean Diameter and penetration development.
  • Injector and pump durability testing.
  • Noise, vibration, and harshness analysis.
  • Hydraulic and mechanical fatigue testing.
  • Environmental testing.
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