Toyota begins production of hybrid Sequoia

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Production of the new all-hybrid Toyota Sequoia has begun in San Antonio, Texas, following a US$391m investment in the Toyota Texas facility in 2019 to ensure it was ready to begin manufacturing SUV.

The third-generation, 2023 Toyota Sequoia features a twin-turbo V6 hybrid i-Force Max powertrain which is capable of a peak power output of 443ps and 790Nm of torque. For additional performance and efficiency, the OEM has installed a motor generator within the bell housing, between the engine and the 10-speed automatic transmission.

A range of Drive Modes can be selected and include Sport and Sport S+ which utilize the instant response of the SUV’s electric motor. When selected and traveling below 29km/h, the electric motor does the majority of the work, but once above that speed, the petrol engine takes over for additional performance in the mid- to- high-speed range. When used for towing the V6 constantly works in hybrid mode for excellent torque and acceleration.

A team consisting of 3,800 Toyota employees and 5,300 on-site suppliers implemented a range of new manufacturing techniques at the Texas site which include laser welding technology and other modified production processes.

“The third-generation Sequoia marks a new era of electrified vehicles that will help move us closer to carbon neutrality while delivering on and exceeding customer expectations for this iconic SUV,” said Kevin Voelkel, president, Toyota Texas.

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