VW adds detuned V6 diesel to UK-market Touaregs

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UK buyers now have the choice of two diesel engines in the VW Touareg. Joining the existing 286ps 3.0-liter V6 diesel is a 231ps version, which is available on all three trim levels and starts at £48,995 (US$38,547).

The entry-level engine produces its peak power between 3,250rpm and 4,750rpm, with peak torque of 500Nm available from 1,750rpm to 3,000rpm. Its CO₂ output of 173g/km is the same as the more powerful engine, as is the car’s towing capacity of 3,500kg.

The rest of the drivetrain, that is to say the ZF 8-speed torque converter transmission and the limited-slip differential, are also shared with the 286ps model.

The 231ps-diesel brings the engine count for the Touareg to two. A gasoline 3.0-liter V6 and the VW group’s familiar V8 diesel will join the range later this year, with a plug-in hybrid V6 to come later.

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