Aumet reveals its latest in diesel technology

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As more and more OEMs in the automotive industry continue to turn away from diesel solutions, Finnish company Aumet has displayed its latest in diesel engine technology at this year’s Engine Expo + The Powertrain Technology Show in Stuttgart. The 2-4 stroke diesel Z-engine works with spark-controlled, single-fuel RCCI combustion compression. The engine model, which uses a controlled ignition point, can achieve greater efficiency and avoid pressure build-up in the cylinder.

“We have been working with the Z-engine for about 18 or 19 years,” said Timo Janhunan, managing director, Aumet. “And with the Z-engine we are able to offer controllable homogenous charge compression ignition (HCCI) which allows for significant downsizing as well as zero emissions in the cylinder.”

The Z-engine model is able to use a lean air/fuel mixture that contains both IEGR and LPEGR. In addition, the steam produced can be condensed and injected to the intake ports to control the TDC temperature. The result is a diesel engine that is able to offer significantly lower manufacturing costs and weight. The Z-engine also remains compatible with regular industry components.

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