CRP Technology produces cell pouch test frames

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Italy-based supplier CRP Technology has manufactured cell pouch frames for Energica Motor Company to test on battery pack prototypes for both race and production vehicles.

The cell pouch frames were created using laser sintering technology and composite flame-retardant material.

Supersport electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica uses high-energy lithium-polymer batteries, which are contained in a sealed housing that features the battery management and safety systems.

To carry out the tests required, the Energica engineers provided each pouch cell with a surrounding case, with the function of support and reinforcement. To test the battery pack prototype on the road, the casing of each pouch cell was manufactured using a high-performance material.

Following the requirement examination and 3D file analysis of the application, CRP Technology opted to use selective laser sintering technology with Windform FR2.

“Having built functional prototypes of pouch cell casings for various tests, including road tests, it was clear we should use a material with specific characteristics,” explained Franco Cevolini, CTO and VP at CRP. “Namely: polyamide-based material, electrically insulated, stiff, resistant to temperature and flame retardant.”

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