Prototype NAWA Racer e-motorbike set to debut in coming months

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Nawa Technologies, AKKA Technologies, FAAR, Pronergy and YSY Group have released details of a concept e-motorbike, named the NAWA Racer, due to make its debut as a prototype in the next few months.

The bike was originally designed as a demonstration project, and Nawa Technologies says it has proved that its next-gen ultracapacitors and reinforced composites solutions are suitable for use on EV powertrains. Nawa claims the capacitors offer 10 times more power and five times more energy density than existing ultracapacitors.

“In order to develop a fully dynamic prototype and best reflect our next-gen energy storage technology, a world-leading consortium has been brought together to design and build a fully functioning version,” commented Pascal Boulanger, founder and CTO of Nawa Technologies.

The prototype e-motorbike will feature an electric powertrain made up of a ‘hybrid’ battery that combines Nawa Technologies’ own ultracapacitors with conventional lithium-ion cells.

The hybrid ultracapacitor battery system is said to improve energy efficiency, reduce charging times and extend system life. According to Nawa, the modular, scalable system is applicable to any electric vehicle and can be used to reduce the size of the lithium-ion battery, extend the range by up to 100%, or a combination of both.

Nawa Technologies has led a group of companies from an array of sectors including automotive engineering, R&D, battery management, electronics, powertrain, systems integration and prototype development to help with the project.

The electronic power distribution system is from Pronergy, a subsidiary of FAAR SAS. The system will distribute power according to vehicle mode and rider demand, and for this first prototype, a new switching unit has been developed enabling both NAWACap and the lithium batteries to provide energy. Development of the NAWA Racer’s battery management system (BMS) software control ECU electronic architecture is headed up by FAAR.

Nawa Technologies has no plans to produce or sell a production version of the NAWA Racer but the company says it is open to approaches from other firms wishing to develop the concept for the road.

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