Audi outlines Grandsphere concept powertrain details

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With a wheelbase measuring 3.19m, the Grandsphere sedan/four-door GT features Audi’s Premium Platform Electric (PPE), a system specifically designed for its battery-powered electric drive systems. A key component of the drive system is a battery module placed between the axles that can store 120kWh of energy.

The Grandsphere also benefits from Audi’s well-known quattro drive system, consisting of separate electric motors mounted on the front and rear axles. Through electronic coordination, these motors are said to deliver balanced driving dynamics and energy efficiency in an all-wheel-drive package, with a peak power output of 530kW and 960Nm of torque. Acceleration from 0-100km/h is possible in just over four seconds, and the vehicle’s maximum speed is limited to conserve range.

Furthermore, Audi has utilized its own e-tron GT’s 800V charging technology to enable the Grandsphere’s battery to be charged with up to 270kW of energy in a short amount of time. As a result, enough power can be delivered to the batteries in 10 minutes to carry the car a further 300km; in under 25 minutes, a charge from 5% to 80% can be achieved. When fully charged, the Grandsphere has an estimated range of 750km depending on the driver’s selected mode of power output.

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