VisIC Technology LTD.

VisIC Technology LTD.
7 Golda Meir, Nes Ziona, Israel, 7403650

VisIC Technologies has had a decade of experience in creating, developing, and advancing concepts based on cutting-edge Gallime Nitride (GaN) technology. We develop solutions to help in reducing energy waste in power conversion systems, with a focus on the automotive electrical cars industry.

Our GaN technology is designed for the highest reliability and lower losses, to support the high reliability and quality standards of the automotive industry. We named our technology D3GaN, which stands for Direct Drive D-mode GaN, that emphasize the core technology and all its benefits.

With this solution, E.Car can save 50% on power losses over the driving cycle of the electric car, thus reduce battery cost and increase driving range. This solution also reduces the cooling system requirements, as well as the size of the electronic car’s inverter. The D3GaN power supports 400-volt and 800-volt bus systems, commonly used in today’s electronic cars models.

Our company’s D3GaN technology allows easy and simple paralleling: a critical feature for inverters. It also features state-of-art packaging for power dissipation.

VisIC has produced the first GaN-based transistors used in automotive inverters and is now in the development and evaluation phase with several OEMs and Tier 1s for mass production.

VisIC Technologies is a leader in automotive GaN products providing previously unseen performance levels in its focused product portfolio.