MAHLE Powertrain

MAHLE Powertrain
Costin House
St. James Mill Road
United Kingdom
+44 (0)1604 738 000

MAHLE Powertrain provides world class engineering and consultancy services for the global automotive industry. Customers benefit from MAHLE Powertrain’s expertise across the entire propulsion field including ICE, EV, Hybrid and Battery Development and Testing.

The company’s expertise is focused on helping customers to accelerate their development programmes, finding the right solutions rapidly and achieving deadlines, by delivering a crucial level of extra, highly knowledgeable engineering resource.

MAHLE Powertrain’s support also enables customers to free-up engineering resources without the need to rapidly recruit or disrupt other key development programmes.

The company offers a global footprint with six testing centres strategically located in the UK, Germany USA and China and this ensures MAHLE Powertrain customers benefit from detailed, market-specific knowledge.

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  • MAHLE Powertrain
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