21592 Marilla Street
Chatsworth, CA 91311
+1 (818) 700-7818

Founded in 1980, Dytran is the current industry leader in innovative sensor technologies for product development testing and embedded solutions. Dytran is located in Chatsworth, CA where they design and manufacture all of their products. Offering a diverse product line, Dytran specializes in custom high-end sensors, including piezoelectric and MEMS accelerometers, dynamic force and pressure transducers, USB accelerometers with software included, and digital bus-based sensors. Dytran is a AS9100 and ISO17025 / A2LA certified company. With a network of trusted distributors in over 70 countries, Dytran offers global distribution that can reach customers worldwide.

Striving to provide customers with a “one-stop-shop”, Dytran is a vertically integrated company with an extensive array of products. This includes a full line of uniaxial and triaxial general purpose accelerometers, high-temperature charge mode sensors and 6DoF accelerometers. Dytran also offers all the electronics, cables, and accessories needed for dynamic measurement.

Their newest innovation, CAN-MD® (Controller Area Network – Machinery Diagnostic) acquires data, fully processes it, and delivers actionable outcomes – all from inside the sensor. CAN-MD is a new digital sensing platform for machinery diagnostics featuring highly configurable CAN-bus based sensors with integral DSP microprocessors that enable data reduction and algorithm processing to migrate to the sensor itself rather than reside in separate boxes or processing layers. The CAN-MD technology is ideal for monitoring test cell equipment to ensure that the hardware is running within acceptable vibration tolerances. The CAN-MD bus data can be directly integrated with common industrial automation controllers to monitor and shut down a system before a fault can cause significant damage to the test equipment.

Learn more: https://www.dytran.com/Brake-Transmission-and-Powertrain-Testing/

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