Two new conferences to open at Engine Expo + The Powertrain Technology Show

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What does the future hold for the internal combustion engine – and how do you test the technical innovations required to make it happen? These are the questions two brand-new conferences at this year’s Engine Expo + The Powertrain Technology Show will attempt to answer.

The Path towards Euro 7 will examine the technologies and solutions that could pave the way for significantly reduced emissions; while the Powertrain Testing Conference will present the views of leading experts in the field of powertrain assessment and validation testing.

Although Euro 7 regulations haven’t been officially announced, it’s an open secret within the industry that they’re coming. The conference will attempt to define what they will actually look like and how best to meet them. Experts from industry, government and academia will share their views via exclusive presentations and a range of panel discussions designed with audience discussion and participation in mind.

The ‘What should Euro 7 look like?’ panel discussion will see Ricardo, Transport & Environment and Emissions Analytics analyze what is realistic and what’s simply not possible; while ‘The internal combustion engine versus Euro 7’ discussion will bring together scientists from Lund University, Ricardo, and Istituto Motori to debate if electric assistance can save petrol and diesel, and whether they need saving at all.

Future ‘Euro 7-compliant’ powertrains will undergo the most thorough and vigorous testing yet, which is where the Powertrain Testing Conference comes in, covering as it does the latest CAE, simulation and dyno testing tools, as well as next-generation testing tools and techniques.

Highlights include a presentation from AVL List’s Martin Abart on how virtual calibration can speed up development times; and a talk from Dr Byron Mason at Loughborough University about the importance of the transient behavior of engines. Meanwhile, speakers from Horiba MIRA will introduce testing methods for RDE, while on the last day, there will be a joint panel discussion with the Path towards Euro 7 Conference on how more efficient and accurate measurement, testing techniques and technologies can lower emissions.

Entry to both The Path Towards Euro 7 Conference and The Powertrain Testing Conference is free if you work for an OEM or a Tier 1 supplier, so register for you conference pass here.

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